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Thermodynamic Hot water Systems

Reduce your annual heating bills drastically by installing the very latest in hot water technology. The Thermodynamic Solar Panel system that can provide you with all your hot water needs all year round in sun,rain, hail or snow. It can produce hot water at night, in freezing conditions, on wet gloomy days and in totally overcast weather. It’s unlike any conventional solar system which requires daylight and direct sunlight in some cases. It’s technology at its best, but amazingly simple to operate, in fact it’s fully automatic requiring no intervention on your part.

And what’s great about this system is you no longer need to switch on your oil or gas to heat your water. The Thermodynamic system ensures your cylinder is piping hot morning, noon and night. You are guaranteed hot water all year round 24/7. Your oil/gas connection is totally disconnected from your cylinder meaning the only time you will switch on your boiler is during the colder months purely for your heating, as the Thermodynamic system will look after your hot water unaided!

Conventional solar requires backup from your immersion or your oil/gas boiler most of the year except during a really good summer (a rare occurence nowadays!). An immersion is very uneconomic and expensive to run, and in most cases will only heat the top half of your cylinder.

With the Thermodynamic system you get a 200, 260 litre or 300 litre cylinder, meaning you have enough hot water to keep a family of up to 6 supplied with hot water for showers, baths, etc. This is maintained to 55 degrees - hot water on tap!


Click here for our gallery or here for video clips explaining the system in greater detail


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